World cup qualification predictions:6th 10,2021

LeagueTime Home Team Away Team Predictions Winf Odds
Germany league 17:45OldenburgJeddelohOldenburg wins1.54
Singapore Premier leag14:”45Balestir KhalsaHougangOver +2.51.40
Brasil Serie B22:00Brasil de palotesOperarioHalf Time Draw2.05
Norway League 220:00TromsdalenFloyaOver +2.5 1.38
Germany league20:00Herta Berlin iiJenaOver 2.51.73
Sweden Nora Svealand20:45ArlandaSandvikensover +2.51.42
Nations League21:45ItalySpainUnder 2.51.54
Africa World cup qulify22:00Sudan GuineaOver +1.51.43
Africa world cup qulify22:00MoroccoGuinea BisseaBTS NO1.49
Euroleague Women20:00VeneziaSzekszardVenezia wins1.37
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